About Bit Squad LLC

Bit Squad LLC was incorporated in 2019, but our experience in high-speed networking sales extends to 2009 when we specialized in Myricom 10Gb Ethernet equipment, later specializing in Mellanox Ethernet and Infiniband cards, switches, cables, and transceivers. Since then, we have expanded our offerings to meet the needs of our customers both domestically and internationally. We sell a variety of computer equipment with a focus on providing the best customer support possible.

Whether you are constructing a home lab or are an enterprise customer looking to upgrade your infrastructure, we can help meet your needs. With products from network adapters to storage controllers and brands such as Mellanox and Dell, we have a large selection of both new and used items at competitive prices. We offer quality products that are inspected and tested in-house, are offered with a 30-day warranty, and are shipped quickly and reliably with secure packaging.